Monday Mar 1, 2021

CS Unitec Repair Parts

CS Unitec Magnetic Drill Parts!

Buy CS Unitec Magnetic Drill repair parts and get that old drill boring again like new!

CS Unitec magnetic drills can really go through a lot on a job site. All the drills by CS Unitec are built tough, but even the regular daily wear and tear on a job site will take a negative toll on the internal parts of the core drill. Bad magnetic fields, vibrating chucks, and even overloaded electric motors are common issues we hear about from customers. Simply getting the right repair parts can save you hundreds of dollars instead of a new drill purchase. Another common customer call we get is for the on-off push buttons. These pushbuttons and capacitors run down with time not allowing you to properly control the magnetic drill. Simply inspecting your electronics every year can save you lots of money in downtime year after year.

The electrical health of your CS Unitec drill is important as well. Many CS drills are gear driven. Remember, that there is never a need to buy a whole new motor, costing a bunch of money when an inexpensive run capacitor or power switch can fix the power issue. Call in now to speak with one of our drill techs to find out all about it.

CS Unitec Saws and Grinders!

Keep your CS Unitec pipe saws and metal grinders working efficiently!

Running CS Unitec Saws and Grinders will save your company time and money. There is nothing worse than not being able to cut or grind properly on the job site where and when you need it. Most every time this happens it can be directly be linked either a snapped drive gear or even a motor pulley. Always keep an eye on the mechanical health of your pipe saw or metal grinder. You know just cleaning it each time after use and even a monthly inspection of the mechanical parts is always a good idea to ensure the longevity of your sawing equipment.

Contractor Note: CS Unitec portable hacksaws are ideal for cutting in confined spaces with profile clamps and pipe clamps for 90˚ cutting - manual and automatic clamps available and heavy-duty saw blades for cutting steel, stainless steel, plastic, and wood. Call now to hear more about these amazing machines.

The CS Unitec History

All the way back in 1990, CS Unitec open their doors for the first time. Since then they have developed a line of high-quality and professional power tools. CS Unitec offers a full line up of pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and safety tools. These tools are specifically designed for very demanding applications in construction, mining, marine, and other industries. CS Unitec prides itself on the fact that in 1991 they developed the first pneumatic portable band saw called AirBand and the first air-powered concrete cutting diamond chainsaw. Since then, CS Unitec has developed many other power tool innovations. They are widely known for their powerful portable magnetic drills with forward and reverse, diamond core drills, portable mortar mixers, metal surface grinding and finishing tools, needle scalers, underwater power tools, OEM motors and so much more.

Their overall philosophy for all of the tools they offer and the technical service they provide is covered in their corporate tag line that “The value is in the engineering at CS Unitec… the payback is in the performance” for their customers.

Today at CS Unitec, they see every day as an opportunity to provide solutions for lots of customer’s applications. They consider their customers are their partners and they learn as much from them as they can to improve daily. CS Unitec takes pride in its technical sales expertise and application customer service, allowing them to make an impact on all customer productivity, safety, and success. Their staff is always available to discuss the features of their tools and how they work in your application.

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